Edgelight Group:


   Edgelight Industry

   Shanghai Edgelight Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

   Shanghai BM Electronics Industry Co.,Ltd.

   Tianjin Edgelight Technology Co. Ltd.

   EdgeLight GmbH(Germany)

   EdgeLight (Russia) Co., Ltd.

   Edgelight International Trade Co., Ltd.

   is a professional company in R&D, manufacture and sale of high-accuracy Pressure

   Sensors, Motion Sensors, Load Cells, Automatic Control System, and products based on

   photo electricity integration including LGP (light guide plates), LED, Photo electric Sensors

   etc. As a national high and new tech enterprise in China, we have strong capability of R&D

   and production. With the over-30000- m ² highly efficient R&D centre in Shanghai of China,

   Willich of Germany, Tianjin of China, products and services covering over 50 countries and more  

   than 60 patents and trademarks either in China or abroad, EdgeLight Group is a qualified

   leader in several fields. For more information, please click the link About us.          



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 Corporate Culture

    >>Sensor Product  
   >> Fashion Amusement
    >>Advertising & Medical Lighting
  >> Beauty & Health
    >> Ad Decorating Light
  >>Edgelux ® Panel  
    >>Power Supply

Important notice

In 2013

Investing US$15,000,000 to establish Tianjin Edgelight Technology Co.Ltd which takes 22,000 m ².


In 2014

Guangzhou NO.9.2 G39

In 2015

Guangzhou  NO.5.E33

Shanghai    W3 C14

Tianjin    133-136

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